I know, I know..I promised not to leave it so long. Where do the days and months go!?!  Here are a few photos from things I have been up too.

Running Kanban University Train the Trainer Classes

2019-06-07 18.25.30

Running Conference sessions at London Lean Kanban Days (Soon to be at Agile Lean Brighton)

2019-03-18 11.27.57

Running Public Kanban Training Classes

2019-02-21 14.49.20

Coming up with Crazy Retros

2019-07-16 13.17.08

Attending more pure coaching Conferences (with my buddies)

2019-05-07 09.26.072019-05-07 09.31.49

Starting an AWESOME new client

2019-07-05 13.39.18-1

And turning 40!!  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

2019-06-15 14.04.062019-06-15 14.02.052019-06-13 19.35.20

There is more, but I will spare you my full years history. Other amazing news – You might have seen that I have now achieved my Certified Enterprise Coach license through the Scrum Alliance. This was super exciting for me, but I will not lie and say it was easy. That Barefoot coaching course certainly came in handy there. Finally I made it on to the top 50 shortlist for the ‘Most Influential Woman in UK Tech’ for the third year running. I am honoured Smile I don’t need to win, the fact I am on it is enough for me.

Anyway, that’s enough about me.

A while ago I wrote a blog called ‘Being A ScrumMaster’ and it’s only now I have got round to thinking about ‘Being A Product Owner’!  Most of my blogs are sparked off by someone asking me something in a training class or with a client. This one came about because I was asked to present at a Product Owner Guild the role I thought Product Owners played. I obviously have my views but I wanted to take the opportunity to have a refresh on the Scrum Guide and see what they say. In my opinion it is rather lacking in detail, but understand it is up to the organisation to interpret this and do further study. I did validate my thinking with my good friends Mark Summers and John Barratt. John said he would score me an A- which I thought was a bit harsh!

As I like to share all my thinking with my lovely blog followers,  here is my work. Feel free to use this and share, but also tell me anything you think I am missing.