# Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We recently had an issue where we were seeing different behaviour being exhibited by two different Visual Studio Team Services accounts when testing SenseAdapt.  We closely compared the settings of the two accounts and wondered if it could have been down to them being hosted in different datacentres.

If you have a look at Microsoft Azure - Services by Region, you can see that VSTS accounts will be in one of four regions:

  • North Central US (Illinois)
  • South Central US (Texas)
  • West Europe (Holland)
  • Australia East (NSW)




If you’re in the UK like us then you might expect your account to be stored in West Europe but if you created your account before the end of October 2014 (when VSTS was added to W.Europe) then it is likely that it is in one of the 2 US regions.

To check, you can navigate to your account settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of your web access or stick an _admin at the end of your account url.



Click on the Settings tab or navigate to the url:



In the settings you should see your Azure Region listed (you can see that mine is North Central US)

At the time of writing you cannot change this region setting yourself so to do so you will have to contact Cloud Services Assisted Support.  However, according to UserVoice: Change Visual Studio Online account region, Microsoft are working on a self-service process as of Feb 2016 so keep an eye out for this changing.


Richard Erwin


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